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One blood donation can help save up to 3 lives and blood donations are constantly needed. Here at the Central Jersey Blood Center, we encourage you to consider volunteering the life-saving gift of a blood donation. It is safe, easy, and quick but the feeling of having helped someone in critical need will stay with you for a long time. Every 2 seconds, someone in this country needs blood which means we are in constant need of volunteers. Odds are that you or someone you know has needed, or will need a blood transfusion. It is generous donations like yours that allow these needs to be met so that others can have another opportunity to enjoy life. Donating blood may not be something you’ve considered but when a blood transfusion is the difference between life and death, little else matters. We understand that needles may not be your favorite thing but we ask that you come visit one of our 3 convenient donation centers and discover just how quick and easy donating blood is. We look forward to meeting you soon at Central Jersey Blood Center.

Volunteer To Save Lives Through Blood Donation

Donating Blood At Shrewsbury Donor Center

  • Make A Big Impact In A Little Time
  • Your Community Is Depending On You
  • 1 Of Every 3 People Need Blood Transfusion In Their Lifetime
  • If Not You, Then Who?
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