Central Jersey Blood Center’s Red Cell Only Club


You have double the reasons to donate.

Every blood donation is important, but the red blood cells are often the most important component for hospitals. Luckily, there is a special type of donation referred to as a red cell only donation, which means that you can donate two units of red blood cells.

By giving a red cell only donation, your red blood cells are separated from your blood by an apheresis machine, and your other blood components and saline are return back to you.  For every donation you make, two transfusions are made available for patients counting on this special gift.

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Benefits of being a RCO member:

The RCO reward program is our way of saying thank you for your continued blood donations. As a member of this club, every red cell only donation you make earns you points to redeem in our online Rewards for Life Points Store – and can also include:

  • Personal Donor Card with Loyal Lifesaver Badge
  • Amazon gift cards for multiple donations per year

You can donate red blood cells every 16 weeks, so you’ll quickly start to accumulate more rewards, all while providing valuable donations that help keep patients fighting.

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Eligibility Requirements:

In addition to feeling generally healthy and well and meeting other whole blood donor qualifications, you must also meet specific criteria for donating red cells only, including hemoglobin, weight and height. Please schedule your appointment today…you have double the reasons to donate.RCO Requirements

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