Red Blood Cell Donation

Donate Red Blood Cells in NJ

If you want to donate blood in NJ, we offer several ways to help out. In addition to the traditional method you may be used to at your physician’s office, there are two automated donation types available at our NJ blood centers and mobile blood drive locations. An RBC donation collects one unit of red cells and one unit of plasma. The second donation type—2RBC, or double red cell protocol—collects two units of red cells. All donors who meet our blood donor eligibility standards are eligible to donate blood for their own surgery are able to donate RBCP.

The 2RBC donation collects a total blood volume of approximately 420 mls, which is less volume than is collected from a whole blood donor.

Since we are collecting a higher percentage of red cells using 2RBC, there are specific blood donor eligibility standards for donors. The eligibility requirements include height, weight and hematocrit. The hematocrit requirement is the same for all donors. The height and weight requirements differ for men and women. The blood donor criteria are as follows:

2RBC Eligibility Requirements












Red Blood Cell Donor Safety Information

As a donor, you are likely concerned about the safety measures taken when drawing your blood. Here are some questions and facts about blood donation to give you more information about our requirements for blood donations and safety.

Compared to Whole Blood (WB) donation, what is the relative safety of automated RBC procedures?
Compared to WB donation the relative safety of automated RBC procedures is equivalent to or safer than the WB procedure.

Compared to WB donation, what exercise levels can automated donors tolerate, especially 2RBC donors? 
There is no difference in exercise tolerance to 2RBC donation compared to WB donation. Changes in heart rate and blood pressure are no different in donors giving two units of red cells versus those giving one unit of red cells (RBCP and WB). High levels of aerobic activities (those exercises that achieve a maximum heart rate) are not recommended for either 2RBC, RBCP or WB donors on the day of donation (post-donation).

Do donors giving 2RBC risk becoming iron-deficient?
Years of blood banking industry experience with blood donations have shown that blood donors in general do not become iron-deficient. 2RBC donors have no greater risk of iron deficiency, because the waiting period between two-unit RBC donations is twice as long as the waiting period between one-unit donations.

Are reactions more frequent with 2RBC donations? 
The reaction rates are the same or lower than those for WB donors, even in first time donors. Recent studies have shown that the moderate to severe reaction rate is significantly lower. (Source: 2RBC Safety FAQ, Haemonetics. 2002)

Donating Blood: The Procedure

The basic collection process is simple, whether you contribute at a mobile blood drive location or donate blood in NJ at one of our several New Jersey Blood Center. Each donation is collected using a pre-packaged, sterile, disposable kit. The 2RBC procedure takes about 35-45 minutes and the RBCP takes about 30 minutes.

Our NJ blood center in Toms River and Shrewsbury offer free Internet and an extensive movie collection to help you relax while you contribute. It’s just a simple way to show that we care about your comfort as much as your donation.

Automated Blood Donation Advantages

You may be wondering about the benefits of blood donation using the automated system. In general, this method enables you to help more people because your sample will result in either two units of red cells or a red cell / plasma combination. This process is also more comfortable than other methods because a smaller needle is used. Fluids are returned to you during the process, which keeps you hydrated and feeling less woozy than you may normally feel.

The blood draw is completely safe because your blood is collected through a unique process in a single-use disposable blood bag. Your blood never touches the equipment or anyone else’s blood. This proven method has been used for more than 20 years, and more than 13 million donations are made this way yearly.

Give the gift of life — donate blood in NJ today.

We are happy to answer your questions about giving blood at one of our New Jersey blood centers, or at any of our blood drive locationsClick here to contact our NJ blood center or call 1-888-71-BLOOD (1-888-712-5663).

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