Donor Updates


August 24, 2016 –

In order to protect the health of donors, the FDA has recently passed new guidelines in regards to donor eligibility. These required changes became effective in May 2016. These modifications included increased hemoglobin requirements for males, weight requirements for Platelet and Plasma donors, and more rigorous pulse and blood pressure requirements. This has increased deferrals by 5% or higher meaning that an extra 5% of our donor population is unable to donate. In addition the ZIKA virus has been spreading to various countries, including in the southern US, which has also increased the numbers of donors that are deferred for travel reasons.

This has significantly impacted our ability to collect a sufficient amount of red blood cells, platelets and plasma to support our local hospitals. We only have 2 days of inventory left for certain blood types heading into the holiday, this puts us in a critical position to collect the right products for the patients at our local hospitals. Because the whole country is facing the same challenges, it is also very difficult to obtain blood from other blood centers.

Central Jersey Blood Center launched a critical emergency appeal in June that has not yet lifted. If you are able to donate we ask that you schedule your next appointment today. If you can, please ask a coworker, a friend or a family member to come in with you. This will help us to ensure that we can deliver safe, high quality, lifesaving blood products to our local hospitals. Schedule your appointment today!


Donor Update June 2016:

Meet Alyx!!

Alyx is our new apheresis device, this modern and updated technology will be helping to reduce processing time.

We will be collecting RCO and Plasma donations with Alyx starting next week on June 13th.  We will be training our seasoned technicians on this new device through July. If you are one of the first 20 RCO or Plasma donors you will receive an Alyx water bottle and pen.

Do you need to do anything different when donating on Alyx? Not at all. Just as any other donation drink plenty of fluids, relax, and make sure to have a snack in the refreshment area.


Donor Update May 23, 2016:

FDA regulated update to donor eligibility and the donation process.

Please read the following changes outlined below in regards to donor eligibility and the donation process. These upcoming changes are based on requirements from the Federal Drug Administration and administered by The American Association of Blood banks (AABB).  These changes will be effective as of May 23rd, 2016.

  1. Increased Hemoglobin Level For Males – The minimum hemoglobin (iron) level to donate has been increased from 12.5g/dL to 13.0 g/dL for males. The minimum hemoglobin remains unchanged at 12.5 g/dL for female donors.
  1. Weight Required for Plasma and Platelet Apheresis Donors– Plasma and platelet donors must now be weighed before their donation to ensure they are of proper weight for that specific procedure.
  1. Pulse and Blood Pressure Requirements– In order to be eligible to donate your pulse has to be between 50-100 bpm and your blood pressure has to fall between 90-180/50-100 mm Hg. Although these requirements have not changed, only now in rare instances will the Medical Director be contacted for approval if a donor falls outside of these requirements.

If you have any questions or seek further information please call us at 732-842-5750 ext. 262. You can also speak to a member of our medical staff at any of our three donor centers or a Blood Drive Manager at local mobile operations. Thank you for your continued support in helping us to supply safe, high quality blood to those in need right here in New Jersey.


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