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There are eight different blood types, each with their own life-saving power. Schedule your appointment today to unlock the power of your blood type while giving the gift of life to those in our community. Once you know your unique blood type, you may be eligible to join one of our donor clubs, each with their own reward programs designed to help you reach your lifesaving potential one blood donation at a time.


Most Valuable Platelet (MVP) Club

Platelets: It’s what YOU can do to help cancer patients.
MVP Donors typically have either O positive, A positive or B positive blood types, which have a high platelet count.

Helping patients fight cancer and other serious illnesses, MVP donor club members regularly making time to donate platelets—a–special, healing component of blood that is in constant high demand. MVP’s know that the power to save lives runs in their veins.

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Code Red Club

When Seconds Count, Can we Count on You?
When time is running out, Code Red Club donors have the power to step in and save lives. Their O negative blood type helps patients in emergency situations as it’s a universal type that is safe to give, regardless of the recipient’s blood type.

Always in high demand, the Code Red Club knows that their donations are the first resource for trauma patients–and when seconds count, they can save the day.

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Miracle Makers Club

There are so many little reasons to donate.
Miracle Makers are either O negative or O positive and CMV Negative, making them a special type of lifesaver. A small part of the population, they are able to donate blood to newborns, children and others with immune deficiencies.

Miracle Makers know they can make a real difference in the lives of seriously ill infants and their families by being there when they are called upon to help our most helpless patients.

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Red Cell Only (RCO) Club

You have double the reasons to donate.
RCO Club members typically have O negative, A negative and B negative blood types. Men must be at least 130 pounds and women must weigh at least 150 pounds and be at least 5’5. Additionally, donors must have iron rich blood content.

Although every blood donation is important, the red blood cells are often the most crucial component for hospitals. For every red blood cell donation you make, up to two transfusion are made for sick and injured patients to keep them fighting and staying strong.

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