Blood Donation Information

Get the Blood Donation Facts From Our NJ Blood Center

The need for blood donors is a constant one throughout the world—and right here at home in New Jersey. The Central Jersey Blood Center works continuously to ensure a full supply of blood donors is always available for those who are in dire need of a blood transfusion. All three of our NJ blood centers serve local hospitals to help treat premature babies, trauma victims, cancer patients, and others that need life-saving blood. Giving blood is a safe, free and valuable way for people as young as 16 (with parental consent) and as old as 75 to help their local communities.

At our New Jersey blood center, we not only care about your donation—we care about you. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure that you are relaxed during the entire physical examination and blood draw process. From skilled, compassionate phlebotomists to other perks like free Internet usage, you can feel good when you give blood here.

If you are thinking about contributing at a local blood drive location, or want to stop in at our New Jersey blood center, we have put together some facts about blood donation to keep in mind. You can learn about blood donation restrictions,blood donor rules and determine your blood donor eligibility.

It’s in your blood to save a life—donate blood today. Click here to contact our NJ blood center or call 732-842-5750.

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