Blood Donation Centers’ Site Map

About Us: Learn more about our blood donation centers throughout the state of New Jersey and how our staff and volunteers help to save lives each and every day.

Our Mission: Our blood donor centers’ prime mission is to help save lives and give hope to those who are in need of it. A simple donation can help make all the difference in the world for countless individuals and families.

Contact: Contact our blood centers in NJ today to learn more about our services, how to host a blood drive, and schedule time to make a donation and help save a life.

Locations & Hours: Take a look at the locations and hours for our three blood centers in Shrewsbury, Howell, and Toms River. Please reach out to any of our locations to learn more about how you can make a donation.

Donate Blood: Once you are ready to give blood after reading through our F.A.Q. and ensuring your eligibility, schedule an appointment at any of our three locations throughout New Jersey.

Hospital Services: Our blood donation centers proudly serve many local area hospitals throughout NJ. Learn more about our hospital partners, licenses and permits we’ve secured, and the ABC Blood Bulletin used in conjunction with our educational programs.

Support Us: We offer a wide variety of opportunities to help support our blood donor centers in their mission of saving lives. Volunteer with Central Jersey Blood Center today or make a cash donation to make all the difference in others’ lives.

Community: Central Jersey Blood Center is also proud of the community and non-profit organizations we have partnered with to better aid in our mission and vision. Even younger people have helped in our mission through high school blood drives. Learn how you and your organization can partner with our blood donor centers or organize a blood drive.

Donor Login: If you have been an active donor with Central Jersey Blood Center in the past, then create a donor login to make it easier for you to schedule appointments, view your donation history, and examine test results.

Chairperson Login: Being a blood drive coordinator can be a big responsibility. That’s why a Chairperson Login was created; to help keep track of your drives, manage your upcoming schedules, send reminder emails, and order supplies.

Newsletters: Stay updated with what’s going on with our blood donation centers with our seasonal newsletters.

Blog: Learn the latest information about our blood donor centers, personal stories from patients, staff, and volunteers, and events that can impact all of our lives.

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