5 Points of Life Educational Program

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Help save lives and legacies of patients in our Monmouth County community by making a financial contribution to our education programs serving grades K-12.

5 Points of Life Educational Program

Central Jersey Blood Center is excited to bring our schools an excellent educational program, “5 Points of Life”. This innovative program works with state education standards to raise awareness of the five ways to share life with others:  blood, apheresis, cord-blood, bone marrow, organ and tissue.  CJBC is committed to education and is thrilled to be able to give back to the schools through this fun and interactive program, while focusing on the core “Science Practices” and “Life Science” curriculum of the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards.

This program is taught at primary and secondary schools and reaches children ages 5 – 18 years old through curriculum designed for specific age groups. The lessons are straight forward, easy to teach, taught in one classroom period and not only explores the science behind donation through hands on interactive elements, but also the social responsibility of donation.

Your donation to our “5 Points of Life” program will help us purchase supplies and reach a growing number of classrooms.  For more information on this program, contact our Donor Relations Department:  info@cjbcblood.org or click here to make a financial contribution to this program.

(Pictured above are the wonderful students from an Elementary School and our fantastic 5 Points of Life Instructor, Jessica Law.)

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