9/11: Fostering a Sense of Community Responsibility

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Tribute in Lights, 9/11 2013

So many lives were affected on this day 14 years ago. Especially the lives of people in the communities we serve – Monmouth and Ocean counties. Today we remember the people and families that were directly affected by these awful attacks on our country and our freedom. As the years go on what sticks with most of us are those awful pictures and footage from the attacks. Some of us just can’t get them out of our mind. We also remember everything about the day, where we were, who we were with and how we related to this tragedy. The ability to remember these details is because it is one of those rare times that our personal memories coincide with history-making.

Aside from the horrific memories of 9/11, the positive outcome that we experienced was that shared sense of community responsibility. Those that were not suffering personal losses went in to high-gear and donated their time, money and anything they could to those in need. During the first few days that followed 9/11 and on the very day of the attacks there were record-numbers of HOMETOWN HEROES flocking to donate blood. In fact, at some blood centers located close to the tragedies, donors were turned away because the sheer supply outweighed the demand. That in itself was a sad story.

As we reflect this year on those days, the Central Jersey Blood Center hopes that we can ‘stir up’ that feeling of community responsibility that we had following the attacks. Fly the American flag high and act as a Hometown Hero to help your community. At the Central Jersey Blood Center, we serve patients that are forever in need of blood donations. In fact because there are so many different needs in our community, we have specific asks from blood donors. Due to this, we have established ‘donor clubs’ to help us fill those special needs. For example, there are certain people that can donate high demand ‘blood products’ like platelets or blood that can be used for babies suffering from cancer. We encourage you to come in and find out what unique power your own blood has and we can enroll you in one of our donor clubs.

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Central Jersey Blood Center (CJBC) is a community-based, non-profit blood collection and distribution organization that has been serving NJ residents for almost 50 years. Our mission is to save lives by providing safe, high quality blood products and services to patients in need.

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