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At our Howell Donor Center located at 4068 Route 9 South, we strive to make it easy and rewarding to make a difference, whether you’ve never donated before, whether you’ve given blood before at another center, or you’ve donated at one of our mobile blood drives. Give us a call at 732-901-0720 to learn more about blood donation in Howell, NJ. Check out the information below to learn more about the types of blood donation we accept.

Blood Donations Accepted at Our Howell Location

Donors at our Howell, NJ Blood CenterAt the Central Jersey Blood Center Howell Donor Center, we accept four different types of blood donations. We also recognize recurring donors with rewards through our donor clubs, the Most Valuable Platelet Club, Miracle Makers Club, Code Red Club, and Red Cell Only Club. Be sure to check out our Blood Donor Eligibility to see if you meet the requirements for donating blood through Central Jersey Blood Center, where community comes first. Read our donor FAQs or contact us to learn more about our donation process at the Central Jersey Blood Center Howell Donor Center.


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Howell Donor Center

4068 Route 9 South – Howell Plaza Shopping Center


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Whole Blood Donation

This is the standard blood donation that most people are familiar with. You can donate approximately a pint of whole blood, which can be separated into transfusable units of red cells, plasma, and platelets. Whole blood donors are eligible to donate every 56 days.

Platelet Apheresis

Platelets are crucial for surgical procedures, cancer treatment, and organ transplant procedures. To collect platelets, we use an apheresis machine, which takes platelets and some plasma but returns most of the plasma and the red cells back to you, the donor. Platelet apheresis can take up to two and a half hours. We recommend scheduling an appointment for a platelet donation. Your platelet procedure will help local patients in need.

Red Blood Cell Donation

Because red blood cells are the most commonly transfused blood components, we can collect a higher number of red blood cells in the double red cell donation. This procedure does have higher hemocrit requirements as well as higher height and weight requirements–be sure to make sure you meet the requisites. Through this procedure, we’ll collect more red blood cells than through a whole blood donation and then return the other blood components to you. This procedure can take approximately 30 minutes longer but it allows you to give two units of red cells.

Plasma Donation

Plasma protein therapies are essential for patients all over the world with uncommon, chronic diseases. An apheresis machine collects either just plasma or a combination of plasma and platelets, then returns the remaining blood components to you. This procedure can be especially impactful if you have AB type blood. Though Type AB blood can only be received by Type AB patients, Type AB plasma can be received by anyone–which makes AB blood type the universal plasma donor.