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Urgent Blood Donors Needed

Shortage of A-, B-, & O-

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Urgent blood donors needed now! Central Jersey Blood Center is currently experiencing a critical shortage of several blood types due to patient needs at local hospitals. If you have recently donated, then we would like to thank you for your commitment to saving lives. Many patients rely on dedicated heroes such as yourself to give them the precious gift of life.

Blood centers often run short of type O, A and B blood, particularly during the summer and winter holidays. If all blood donors gave just twice a year, it would help prevent these blood shortages. We hope you’ll join us in ensuring the patients and families who are counting on us have the blood they need to survive. Schedule your lifesaving blood donation appointment now:

Call 1-888-71-BLOOD (1-888-712-5663)

Schedule Donor Center Appointment

 We have three convenient donation centers in:

Shrewsbury, Howell or Toms River

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

Central Jersey Blood Center | 494 Sycamore Ave | Shrewsbury, NJ

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