Special Donor Services

NJ Blood Donation Special Services

Our New Jersey blood center is pleased to provide special services to meet the needs and requests of donors and patients. Our blood center of NJ offers donor volunteer opportunities and programs to help patients undergoing surgery and other medical treatments.

Autologous Blood Program

The Autologous Blood Program allows a patient scheduled for surgery to donate and receive their own blood. When you donate blood before your surgery, you do not need to use donations from others during your surgery or other medical procedure. To set up an appointment for an autologous blood contribution, call 732-842-1570.

If you are interested in an autologous donation at any of our three blood donation centers in New Jersey, you must do the following:

  • Complete a Surgeon’s Request Form is required. Discuss the option for autologous donation with your physician and ask him or her to complete the Physician Request Form. Then fax the completed form to 732-842-1617.
  • Use the EXACT name you will be using at the hospital (including a middle initial).
  • Bring an ID with signature each time you donate blood.
  • Eat a good low fat meal within 4 hours of donating.
  • Provide your Social Security Number when you give blood.
  • Make an appointment seven to 10 days in advance of the expected date of surgery to allow time for processing.
  • Call our New Jersey blood center at 732-842-1570 to make an appointment.

Directed Blood Program

The Directed Blood Program enables a patient to select their own blood donors from family or friends. Because these offerings require special handling, specific fees will be charged to the patient to cover the cost. The fees will be discussed with the patient or family member upon when they contact our blood center of NJ, and are exclusive of all hospital processing fees.

Set up your donation today. Click here to contact our New Jersey blood center or call 732-842-5750.