Our NJ Blood Center’s Recruitment Team

Leigh WilkinsLeigh Wilkins, Account Manager

Leigh Wilkins joined CJBC in 2013 and is responsible for working with local businesses, religious organizations, educational institutions, and community organizations to develop new mobile blood drives and coordinate current drives throughout the state. As an Account Manager, she is also responsible for presenting blood drive education in the school systems within her territory. Leigh is driven to “give back” and is extremely customer focused and strives to assist all of the blood drive chair people in successful donor recruitment.

Leigh has many years of experience in the incentive marketing industry working with fortune 500 companies, and building sales incentive programs for some of the top salespeople in the company.  She began her career with the Walt Disney World company as an intern while in college and then attended the much heralded Walt Disney University for Management. She continued with the Disney Team for eight years and attributes her customer-centric instincts to this experience. Her motto from Walt Disney himself is “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

kmooreKaren Moore, Account Manager

Karen Moore joined Central Jersey Blood Center in January 2007. As an account manager, she is responsible for organizing and managing mobile blood drives throughout our community. This includes local businesses, religious organizations, educational institutions, and a wide variety of community venues. Karen values her relationships with her dedicated blood drive coordinators and blood donors. She feels they are the heart of everything we do.

Prior to working at CJBC, Karen spent many years working as a Realtor. She was committed to her clients and thoroughly enjoyed helping them through every step of their home buying process. Although blood banking and real estate both involve a commitment to our community, she feels working at Central Jersey Blood Center is the most fulfilling career one could ask for. She believes her work here is more than a job — it is a heartfelt mission.

Jessica LawJessica Law, Account Manager

As an account manager with Central Jersey Blood Center, Jessica enjoys building relationships with our devoted blood drive coordinators and loyal blood donors while running mobile blood drives with various organizations throughout the state. She feels fortunate to have a job that allows her to interact with so many different kind and generous people every day.

Jessica left her corporate job and joined CJBC in 2008 looking for a way give back more to the community. She believes that one of the most important ways to do this is to spread the blood center’s mission through education. Over the past two years she designed and implemented the Inspire Life High School Program to help educate young donors and enhance their donation experiences. Most recently Jessica has been responsible for bringing the Five Points of Life educational curriculum to CJBC. She looks forward to growing this program with the donor relations team over the next year and helping to create a “donation generation” here in New Jersey.


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