Blood Donation for a Brighter Future

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Types of Donations

The need for blood is a constant one throughout the world—and right here at home in New Jersey! The Central Jersey Blood Center works continuously to ensure a full supply of blood is always available for those who are in dire need of a blood transfusion. All three of our blood centers serve local hospitals to help treat premature babies, trauma victims, cancer patients, and others that need life-saving blood. At our blood centers, we not only care about your donation—we care about you! We’ll go the extra mile to ensure that you are relaxed during the entire physical examination and blood draw process. From skilled, compassionate phlebotomists to other perks like free Internet usage, you can feel good when you give blood.

Make a Difference in New Jersey Lives

Interested in changing the lives of those in your local community?  Between red blood cell donation, plasma donation, and volunteering, there are severals ways to lend a hand, designed to suit the preferences and capabilities of every individual! To help you determine the best way for you to contribute, we invite you to browse the following pages, full of valuable donor information:

  • Blood Donor FAQs: Interested in donating blood in New Jersey but not quite sure what to expect? Find answers to our most commonly asked questions to see how you can make a difference! Learn More…
  • Blood Donor Eligibility: From blood donor height and weight requirements to the status of your physical health, there are a few key elements to being an eligible donor. Discover if you can donate blood at either our blood center or one of our mobile blood drive locations. Learn More…
  • Donor Clubs by Blood Type: Each of the eight blood types offer their unique life-saving powers. Discover the benefits of your blood type donation and see if you’re eligible to join one of our donor clubs. Learn More…


Schedule Donor Center Appointment  View Upcoming Blood Drives in NJ

If you have questions about blood donor eligibility or would like to learn more about our volunteer opportunities at our New Jersey blood centers, click here to contact our NJ blood center or call 1-888-71-BLOOD.