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Central Jersey Blood Center Foundation Programs

Supporting the Central Jersey Blood Center Foundation is easy and impacts thousands of lives through our community and school based organizations. Here’s how you can help:

Support the Central Jersey Blood Foundation


Monetary donations from generous people such as yourself help to ensure that our blood donor center can continue fulfilling its lifesaving mission. We are grateful for all our supporters and appreciate anything you can give.

Our focus for all financial donations supports to our “5 Points of Life” educational program which is offered to children grades K-12 as part of their classroom science curriculum.

5-points-of-lifeThe goal of this program is to create the donation generation in cultivating the donors of the future. This hands-on program teaches children about the importance of blood, tissue and organ donation. The children also participate in hosting a blood drive and invite friends and family to donate.  Please consider supporting this worthy educational program!  Online donation payment is also quick and easy at the secure PayPal link below:


Buy A Blood Drop  Buy A Blood Drop

Host an “EDUCATE for LIFE” Campaign within your school, organization, company, or community!

“EDUCATE for LIFE” is a fun and easy way to raise monetary donations for the Central Jersey Blood Center Foundation and the Educational programs for blood donation awareness that we support through funding. We will provide you with the “EDUCATE for LIFE”  blood drops to sell and posters to advertise your

It only takes five simple steps to complete this program:

  • Click here to contact Laurett Gannon for “EDUCATE for LIFE” supplies.
  • Hang “EDUCATE for LIFE” blood drop posters in a strategic location at your business or school. Decide on a duration of time for the public to purchase blood drops, from one week to one month.
  • “EDUCATE for LIFE” blood drops may be purchased in increments of $1, $5 or $10. Ask the individuals, at the time of purchase, to sign the blood drop.
  • Display signed “EDUCATE for LIFE” blood drops in a central location.
  • At the end of the program issue a check to the Central Jersey Blood Center Foundation for the contributions collected.
With our newly designed “EDUCATE for LIFE” materials and posters, this program is sure to be a big hit!
If you are interested in holding an “EDUCATE for LIFE” fundraiser for the Central Jersey Blood Center Foundation, please contact Laurett Gannon at 732.842.5750 ext. 240 or click here to email.
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