Donate Blood in Honor of 9/11

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Post Labor Day Blood Need! Please donate blood in honor of 9/11 by scheduling your appointment now:

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or call 1-888-71-BLOOD (1-888-712-5663).

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tt_flagDid you know thousands of people flock to donate blood during disaster type events, yet it was the blood which was already on the shelf that goes to aiding the victims of these tragedies. In honor of September 11, we are asking donors to come in BEFORE 9/11 to help with a post Labor Day shortage of blood going on right now.

Because many people like to donate on 9/11, coming in before that day will also help prevent a large influx of donors and potential over collection. In addition, we are donating $1 to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Foundation for every donor who comes in from September 4 – 12 and mentions they are donating in honor of 9/11.

Claim Your Free Patriotic T-Shirt for donating until September 12th!

Central Jersey American Hero ShirtLabor Day weekend was a tough time for our hospitals. An increase in trauma cases saw a run on the blood supply and we need your help to replenish it as soon as possible!

We appreciate your commitment to save a life and are offering special patriotic themed t-shirts to the first 300 donors who make it to one of our donor centers to give blood until September 12th and mention our “9/11 Heroes Campaign”.

Schedule Donor Center Appointment

or call 1-888-71-BLOOD (1-888-712-5663).


Each year, 4.5 million Americans would die without blood transfusions. Every two seconds, someone needs blood and car accident victims can require red blood cell transfusions of 50 units or more. Children being treated for cancer, premature infants and children having heart surgery need blood and platelets from donors of all types. Some patients with complications from severe sickle cell disease receive blood transfusions every month — up to four units at a time. A patient could also be forced to pass up a lifesaving organ if enough compatible blood is not available to support the transplant.

If people gave blood just one more time each year, shortages would be prevented.

Schedule Donor Center Appointment

or call 1-888-71-BLOOD (1-888-712-5663).

Thank you for the support!

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